Self-Guided Journey
Enjoy a Self-Guided Journey of Imagination Made Real. The IMR Manifestation Kit offers you everything you need to bring into your life what you most desire. Once you receive your kit, you simply open the CourseBook and begin. The CourseBook is your primary guide and will tell you when and how to use the other components of the kit: Audio CDs, the MiniMotivator™, Contemplation Cards, Mirror, and Journal.

Private Coaching
Innately whole and resourceful, you have everything within you (creativity, talent, unique genius, wisdom, and love) to create the life you imagine and beyond. Using a BodyMind whole-brain approach, I offer you a fun and energizing way to manifest a rich life. As a professional, executive, leader, group member, couple, or individual, I invite you to tap into your inner wisdom and consciously create an extraordinary life. Contact Chris for an exploratory conversation about private coaching.

IMR Journeyers TeleCourse
Deepen your learning and infuse your experience with fun, camaraderie, and accountability. The IMR Journeyers interactive TeleCourse is open to individuals on their own journey. During our weekly tele-conferences (on the phone) you will be guided step-by-step through the entire IMR process. Between sessions you will: 1) Engage in home play assignments to increase your manifestation momentum, and 2) Enjoy connecting with a Learning Partner (another IMR Journeyer taking the course) to deepen your learning and add to the fun. The tele-course includes ten 90-minute classes (telephone conference calls), one IMR Kit, Home play assignments, email support, and Learning Partners.

Investment: $449.95 (includes the IMR Kit retail price $189.95) The regular price for this course is $649.95. In consideration of the current economic challenges in our country, the course is temporarily being offered for $449.95. Discounts are available for early registration and if you already own the kit. Express your interest in joining an upcoming IMR Journeyer's 10-week TeleCourse by sending an email to Put "IMR Journeyers" in the subject line.

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How to Engage with
Imagination Made Real

Advanced research reveals that beyond our cognitive minds is the gateway to reliably bring into our lives (manifest) what we want.



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Manifesting Moves

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